How To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back On Track

Have you ever wondered why your mind and body start to switch off around the same time each night - and why you always tend to wake up at roughly the same time each morning? Even without an alarm and on the weekend...


This is something known as our body clock or sleep schedule, cycle, pattern or whatever you want to call it really! Our bodies are very intelligent and often they’ll want to follow a consistent routine, allowing us to get the crucial beauty sleep and rest that we all know and love.


But, if you’re travelling through different time zones, you often take on shift work or you don’t have a good bedtime routine then you’ll probably suffer from poor sleep and fall off track of your sleep schedule. Well as always Bo+Tee team, we’re here to help! 


It’s time to smash those bad habits and get you on a good sleep cycle that your body will thank you for. Keep scrolling below for our top tips for how to get your sleep schedule back on track. We’re talking all things from jet lag to blue light, making sure that the internal clock is set to a healthy pattern.



Top Tip 1: Getting Over Jet Lag


If you’re lucky enough to be a global jet-setter or if you’ve travelled across the world for a holiday then you’ll be familiar with the term “jet lag”. This is essentially your body's wake-sleep cycle (otherwise known as circadian rhythm) being disrupted. 


To get your sleep schedule back on track and sync your circadian rhythm with whatever country you’re in we’d recommend getting enough daylight and melatonin.


It’s also not a bad idea to try and adjust your sleep pattern ahead of your trip. Of course this isn’t always possible, especially when travelling home from a holiday.


If you can’t avoid it completely then you can at least minimise the symptoms by making sure you get a good sleep before your trip and maintaining good hydration throughout. Try to pack useful accessories such as sleeping masks and ear plugs and don’t over plan on your first day or two - you’ll just exhaust yourself even more!



Top Tip 2: Bye Bye Blue Light


You may or may not have heard that blue light and bright lights before bed are the ultimate no go. That’s right, you can say goodbye to scrolling through social media for hours before bed. 


We’ve all done it, after 30 minutes or more of struggling to fall asleep you turn to your phone to Google “how to fix your sleep schedule” or “how to get your sleep schedule back on track” and maybe you stumble across this post? But did you know that the blue glare from your phone, iPad or laptop screen is actually preventing you further from getting to sleep at night? 


To get a healthy sleep and get your sleep schedule back on track it’s recommended that you part ways with all brightly glaring, blue light devices at least 2-3 hours before bed. This even includes TV’s so why not get lost in a new book you haven’t read yet or stick on your favourite podcast.



Top Tip 3: Set The Mood


Our third and final tip to get your sleep schedule back on track would be to take some time before you head to bed to fully relax. Run a hot bath, light a candle and stick on a face mask. Play out your favourite chill playlist and have that self-love time you truly deserve.  


It’s important to take time out of your hectic schedule and back-to-back gym sessions to rest, recover and restart as your best self. This should help ease you into the routine of good sleep schedules in no time. 

If you need some new relaxation tips then make sure to check out our self-care blog.


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