How to Make a Gym Buddy

Starting a new gym can be daunting, especially if it’s your first ever time at any gym. Making a gym buddy can ease that well-known gym anxiety and even make it more fun. If you’re already a gym-goer but lack motivation (often avoiding those after-work sessions!) making a gym buddy can be a good way to make sure you go. 


But how do you know how to make a gym buddy? Well team, as always, we got you! Keep scrolling below for our top tips on how to get a gym buddy and boost your workout confidence to new highs…




First up, if you’re completely new to the gym and working out then why not look at personal trainers. Although they can come at a high cost, it might just be worth your buck for the first couple of months. You can get group PT sessions which would help with making a gym buddy and to find a workout you truly enjoy.




Our next tip for making a gym buddy would be to try out some gym classes. Often these will be included in your gym membership and are a really good way to find a workout buddy with the same interests as you. As well as this, lots of people go to these classes on their own and are no doubt in the exact same position as you.




Lastly we’d suggest joining a social media group to find gym buddies, either for the gym you’re hoping to join or a new sports class you’d like to attend. If these are location based rather than virtual classes then make sure it’s somewhere near you, as travelling far for exercise is often demotivating.


If you’d like to get going with a workout at home, we’d recommend trying our Resistance Band Workout by Meggan Grubb. Alternatively, check out our Activewear Buying Tips to make sure your gym wardrobe is on point. 


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