The Importance of Rest Days

When you’re super focussed on your workouts and starting to notice progress in your overall strength and fitness it can be tempting to ignore the importance of rest days. To some people, the thought of not going to the gym or working out can be daunting but do you know rest days are just as important for your progress? 


Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’re going to be sharing everything we know when it comes to the importance of rest days for your body and mind. So, change into your favourite Bo+Tee sweatshirt and joggers and make yourself a cuppa while you delve into the world of rest day goodness with us…



The importance of rest days for your body & mind: explained


Rest days allow your body and mind to recover from those weekly sessions, so by skipping them you’re not allowing yourself to catch a break. Having a rest day (at least 1 per week) means you’ll show up to the gym full of energy and ready to perform at your best.


When you're working out your body is always changing, whether you're burning fat or growing muscle you need to give yourself time to adapt, which is where the importance of rest days comes in. By taking a rest day your muscles can fully recover meaning you can go ahead and smash those PB’s at your next session! 



3 reasons why you should schedule rest days


#1: They help you to progress


When we’re thinking about the importance of rest days for your body and mind the first benefit we think of is: they help you to progress. Progression is usually a huge factor when it comes to your motivation to work out. When you start to see progress, you want to work harder but it’s important not to skip a rest day.


Make sure you don’t burn yourself out by planning which day will be your rest day each week. By doing this you’ll ensure you always show up alert and full of energy for each session. Why not use your rest day to plan your workout outfits? We have the perfect matching sets for every fitness level so make sure you check them out. 



#2: They help you to avoid any unwanted injury


Taking a rest day for your body and mind means you are taking a step towards avoiding any unwanted injuries - which would ultimately lead to a long period of being unable to train, showing the importance of rest days. Working out when you’re exhausted might mean you have bad form and make mistakes which can cause injury and leave you feeling demotivated.



#3: They help you to get a good night's sleep


Yup - you heard us! Taking a much needed rest day supports healthy sleep. If you constantly exercise without taking any rest days then you might not know that you’re also over producing hormones, highlighting the importance of rest days!


By taking a rest day you’ll ensure that your hormones stay balanced and you don’t feel fatigue. Leading to a good, healthy night’s sleep!



Things to do on a rest day


We mentioned above about spending your rest day activewear outfit planning and - we might be biassed but - this is our fave thing to do! Plan a matching set for each session and show up in style. Not only will this boost your confidence but will ultimately boost your performance too, allowing you to smash all of your targets.


If you’re already super organised with your workout looks then why not spend your rest day meal prepping? This’ll save you some time in the evenings, especially if that’s when you usually workout. We have lots of recipes on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room which are vegetarian friendly and high in protein - make sure to check them out!


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