5 TikTok Trending Workouts

We seriously doubt you’ve managed to escape the TikTok social takeover this past year, and here at Bo+Tee we’re no exception. TikTok trends have been hyped up on all social platforms with fitness challenges and viral workout videos taking over our ‘for you’ pages.


From mini TikTok workout routines squeezed into 60 seconds to TikTok workout challenges that anyone can take part in, there’s workout inspo for every fitness lover. We’ve rounded up 5 trending TikTok workouts that are definitely worth the hype, so you should try them today! Just keep scrolling and remember to show us how you get on @boandtee...



Trending Workout 1: 12-3-30 Treadmill Challenge


Viral TikToker Lauren Giraldo first posted this workout back in 2020 and she tells us how the routine helps her to feel less intimidated in the gym, and gives her motivation to be healthy. Follow this simple exercise by using these three settings on the treadmill:


  • Incline: 12
  • Speed: 3
  • Time: 30 mins


Lauren tells us in her TikTok video that she completes the workout approximately 5 times per week and it helped her reach her fitness goals! Sounds simple right? As a beginner remember not to rush straight in, take it slow and gradually increase your incline. Don’t forget to add in some rest days too, let’s go team!



Trending Workout 2: Hot Girl Walk

The Bo+Tee team are obsessing over the ‘Hot Girl Walk’ trend this season. We could give you the down low here but we’ll let our ‘Hot Girl Walk Blog’ do the talking on this one... Peep the TikTok we’ve linked for the OG demonstration by Hot Girl Walk creator Mia.



Trending Workout 3: Weighted Hula-Hooping


Who said your workout can’t be fun? With more than 40 million views on TikTok under the hashtag #weightedhulahoop, this cardio workout also doubles up as a great core exercise. 


It’s the perfect workout for every fitness level, age and body shape, what’s not to love? Simply use the hula hoop as instructed and slowly build up your weights to add resistance. Adding more movement to your training sessions is a great way to build muscle. What are you waiting for?



Trending Workout 4: Fire Abs by @meggangrubb


You know the workout is going to be insane when Meggan Grubb’s designed it. With over 50k views on TikTok, this workout routine is a serious ab killer. Try the Fire Abs workout for yourself below and let us know how you get on…


30 seconds per exercise 

3 rounds


1. Leg raise with 2 second hold in the middle

2. Planks with shoulder taps into forward reaches

3. Bicycle crunches into cocoon crunch

4. Standing oblique crunches



Trending Workout 5: Full Leg Day by @amandafranssoonn


Get working on that peach with the Full Leg Day workout by our girl Amanda Fransson. At 2 million views and counting this viral routine is a TikTok fave. Water bottle and towel at the ready with this one team - you’ve been warned, it’s a sweaty one.


1. Hip thrusts 12 reps x4 sets

2. Stiff deadlifts 10-12 reps x3 sets

3. Reverse lunges with barbell 12 reps x3 sets

4. Leg extensions 4 sets until failure



Our Top 5 TikTok Fitness Influencers 


Number One: @meggangrubb


Let’s kickstart our list with Bo+Tee fave @meggangrubb. Find her on TikTok providing workout routines and demonstrations suitable for all everyone, then get to know Meggan a little more with her daily life videos (including her puppies - *follows immediately*).


Number Two: @demibagby


We are loving Demi Bagby all over our TikTok right now. Her positivity radiates through her videos and she offers plenty of workout routines for everyone to enjoy. P.s. Rumour has it that it’s not too late to sign up to her #PowerfullyPositiveChallenge - count us in!


Number Three: @dannibelle_


With a variety of TikTok workouts perfect for all fitness levels, Danni Belle continues to spoil us with killer TikTok fitness routines. We love her resistance band TikTok workouts that can be used in the gym or at home. Full of encouragement and positivity, you need to hit that follow button right now!


Number Four: @amandafranssoonn


Our girl Amanda Fransson doesn’t disappoint on the TikTok side of socials. If you’re a newbie then maybe this account isn’t for you as there’s lots of heavy lifting for essential peach building. Amanda gives us viral workout after viral workout and we are here for it! Grab your fave Bo+Tee sculpting leggings and let’s get lifting.


Number Five: @chiarapugliesi


Rounding our list up nicely is fitness guru Chiara Pugliesi. With just under 300k TikTok followers this is an account you won’t want to miss. Chiara offers seriously tasty healthy recipes and guides on how to grow your glutes, fix your form and countless more. With TikTok workouts for feeling the burn throughout, we are loving this page as our fitness go-to.


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