Beginners Weight Lifting Routine

Tired of sticking to cardio machines or feeling intimidated in the weights section? Well as always team, we’re here to help! Keep scrolling for our best advice on beginners weight lifting routines. It’s time to take on your next workout with nothing standing in your way...



Overcome Those ‘Gymtimidations’


The first step in gaining confidence is identifying the main obstacles we need to overcome…


1. Not knowing what to do. You might not be confident in what you're doing when it comes to beginner weight lifting but trust us - this is normal! A few examples include keeping the correct form, how to use the machines and what size weight you should go with. But don’t panic, these are all easily achievable with the right help from the team at your gym!


2. Worrying about what other people think of you. You might feel like all eyes are on you when you step into the gym but really people are only focused on their own workouts. Nobody is judging your abilities or your body so relax, you've got this!


3. Training in busy times. If you’re a beginner or lacking confidence, completing your workouts during peak times can be quite scary - especially if you’re unsure where equipment is or how much space to take up - but relax, we’ve got you covered with our top tips and tricks.




Bo+Tee’s Beginners Weight Lifting Confidence Tips 


1. Have a plan


Our first tip on how to be more confident with your beginners weight lifting routine is to go in with a strong plan. Every great workout session starts with a great plan and they help you stay focused and ensure you can rotate around the gym with ease. Start with picking machines and weights you feel most comfortable with and build yourself up from there. If the machine you’d planned to use next was busy, you can move onto the next machine you want to use next and return to the other one later when it’s available.



2. Work with a PT


Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to gain confidence for your beginners weight lifting routine. Their role is to inspire and build the competency of their client. A PT will be able to guide you around the equipment and show you how to use each one when you’re overwhelmed, and you can keep your PT until you feel confident to progress on your own. Trainers will talk you through your fitness goal and can tailor a workout plan just for you. They can be pricey but investing in yourself is priceless.




3. Learn the busiest times


Learning the busiest times is essential in growing your gym confidence. A big confidence knock is feeling uncomfortable working out around many people you do or don’t know. Begin by going to the gym during off-peak times, typically these are during the day and build yourself up from here. When it comes to building confidence for your beginner's weight lifting routine, the more times you use the weights section, the easier it will be… you’ll be working out in the after-work rush before you know it.



4. Buddy up


Finding the right gym buddy when tackling the weights section is great for building confidence in your beginners weight lifting routine. Partners keep each other motivated during sessions and you’ll feel more comfortable using the machines if you have a friend there to encourage you. Gym buddies will help you stick to your fitness plan and can be there to keep you smiling each session. You can swap gym advice, workout plans, wear matching gym sets and have a good catch up – where can we sign up?


5. Wear activewear that makes you feel good


Wearing an activewear set that accentuates your best assets and leaves you feeling supported will always power your performance during your beginners weight lifting routine. Our Bo+Tee sets are designed to suit every shape and come in a variety of styles so you can feel confident when nailing those PB’s. Try styling our super supportive sports bra with our seamless leggings for a fully functional look that's sure to stand the test. Designed in our signature seamless fabric with rear accentuating ruching on the leggings, our sets are essential for a guaranteed workout winner.



Our Bo+Tee team hope this blog has provided you with the inspiration and tips to take on the weights section with confidence. If you’re looking to refresh your workout wardrobe so it’s perfect for lifting or lounging – check out our ‘Squat Proof Bottoms’ blog. It rounds up Bo+Tee’s top gym leggings that feature our squat proof, sweat proof and body shaping technology, essential for smashing your goals. *Adds to basket immediately*


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