Health Tips for January

Conquer your January blues with our top health tips to start your year right. After a sparkly festive period of socialising, eating and drinking, January can often feel like the gloomiest month of the year. But here at Bo+Tee we don’t like to think of it like that!


January is the best month to set new goals, start new habits and have an overall health boost and refresh. Today on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room we’re sharing our favourite health tips for January - and trust us when we say: you don’t wanna miss these! 


So before we begin, make sure you’re comfortable in your ultimate Bo+Tee set, grab your drink of choice and something to take notes and you’re ready to go…


5 Health Tips for January


Tip 1: Get into an exercise routine


A new year is the best time to get yourself into a good exercise routine so that’s exactly why it’s our first favourite health tip for January. Why not buy yourself some new activewear sets and find a new workout you love, you could even sign up to a new class with your friends! 


Tip 2: Master your sleeping schedule


Next on our list of health tips for January is to master your sleeping schedule. We’re sure you already know that it’s common for your sleeping pattern to be thrown off during the festive period. With lots of socialising and nights out, your body will likely be feeling a little confused and run down. That’s exactly why January is the perfect month to get your sleep back on track, so that you’re feeling refreshed, alert and ready to take on a new year!



Tip 3: Invest in a new skincare routine


Spot number 3 on our list of health tips for January is to invest in a new skincare routine. It’s important to make time for you and what better way than an all-new set of skincare essentials. This should help you to clear some time in your diary for self-care, so that you can totally unwind and reset after the festive season. Plus, who doesn’t love healthy, glowy skin!


Tip 4: Try new healthy recipes


Whether it’s a new week, month or year, trying new healthy recipes is always a good idea - so that’s exactly why it’s number 4 on our list of health tips for January. We have lots of recipes on Bo+Tee’s Locker Room to help you get started, so make sure you check them out today!


Tip 5: Be kind to yourself


Lastly on our list of health tips for January, we want you to remember to be kind to yourself! The start of the year can feel overwhelming with lots of people talking about new goals but try to focus on you and go at your own pace. Think about what you want from the year, take time to work on your physical and mental health and set yourself up for a positive, fun filled 365 days! 


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