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Welcome to The Locker Room, your go-to online community for all things Bo+Tee!


We’re not just talking about our freshest sets and new-in collections, team. We’re bringing you bespoke workouts from your favourite fitness influencers, styling tips, lifestyle advice and so much more. Oh, and don’t forget we also have dedicated posts about boosting your confidence. Because at Bo+Tee we know it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too!


The Locker Room is here to bring you all the must-have Bo+Tee info in one handy place, right at your fingertips. So you can make sure you're always first in the know. Find out about our newest collaborations, product details, exclusive events, behind-the-scenes of our photoshoots and so much more. 


Here, we share with you insider tips and juicy Q&A’s with some of the first class guests you all know and adore. As well as this, we’ve got heaps of fitness and fashion knowledge that we love to share with you all, our loyal Bo+Tee team. 


So what are you waiting for? Grab a cuppa and get scrolling. If you’re looking for advice on what style suits you best, confidence tips for those solo gym sessions or a quick and easy workout then you can trust we have all the answers right here. 


You can learn about why we love our fabrics so much or why not try some healthy veggie meals by the food guru, Jess Tedds. Trust us when we say; you don’t wanna miss this!


You can even find out about the charity work we get up to (we do loads!) or get to know a bit about our in-house teams, how they got the job and what advice they’d give to you if you’re interested in working with us! 




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